Women’s Pre-Assembly

September 8 – 11, 2023
Wroclaw, Poland

Highlighting women’s contribution to ministry and to the life of the church

The LWF Women’s Pre-Assembly is a unique opportunity for women from member churches and partner organizations to meet and articulate a common voice that will be taken to the Assembly. What are the struggles women face in the diverse contexts of member churches? How are women answering to call to vocation in ordained ministry? The Women’s Pre-Assembly will consider the ways in which we ensure the full and just participation of women in the life of church and society.

What’s on the program?

The Women’s Pre-Assembly gathers the concerns and priorities collected at the Women’s Regional Pre-Assemblies. All regional Pre-Assemblies will take place in the first semester of 2023. Once these are finalized, the Women’s Pre-Assembly program will be released. 

Who can take part?

Women delegates to the Assembly, women actively involved in the Women and Gender Justice Network, Polish women designated by the local committee, visitors, ecumenical guests, and advisors to the Assembly can participate. If you would like to take part, please indicate so when registering online. Subsidized Assembly participants will have accommodation and meals covered. Visitors or individuals who are covering costs themselves should kindly contact the LWF Gender Justice and Women´s Empowerment Program.

When and where is the Pre-Assembly?

The Women’s Pre-Assembly will be held at the House of Angels (https://kamienicapodaniolami.pl/en/) in Wrocław from September 7 (arrival) to 11 (departure to Kraków) 2023. The Assembly and the Women’s Pre-Assembly will be strongly influenced by the hospitality and vibrant church life of Poland.